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Corinne Michaels

Forgotten Desires Bridal Box

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Attend the wedding of Brynlee Whitlock and Carson Knight in style with the Forgotten Desires Bridal Box!

Items included:

  • Signed Forgotten Desires (they will NOT be able to be personalized)
  • Three Vellum Art Overlays
  • Custom "Take Me to Sugarloaf" Frosted 16oz cup with Bamboo Lid
  • Stella Candle Company Forgotten Desires Candle
  • Custom "In My Whitlock Era" Pencil Pouch stuffed with
    • Stickers
    • Diamond Ring Gold Pen
    • Annotation Tabs
  • Three Lyla June Co. Custom Tarot Cards
  • "Bee" Makeup Mirror
  • Whitlock Themed Jewelry in Velvet Pouch